Career Transition Services - Wall Street Outplacement Options


Wall Street Outplacement provides quality career transition services at a reasonable cost. Our services ease the process by providing laid-off employees with a strong career management plan and the job search tools needed to successfully pursue a new position. Outplacement Options helps minimize the cost and negative impact that downsizing has on an organization.

Corporate Outplacement Options include:

• Resume rewrite, cover letter and professional profile
• Linkedin profile and social media networking
• Developing a job search strategy
• Interview coaching
• Networking and identifying opportunities
• Introductions to connect with hiring managers
• Research provided to connect with executive recruiters
• Resume distribution via job boards & industry contacts

Key reasons for providing outplacement options and minimizing company risk:

Potential for Lawsuits

Disgruntled ex-employees sometimes sue. Offering outplacement options can lessen the resentment many laid-off workers feel. A structured outplacement program helps workers focus on finding new employment, which will decrease their time to vent about the company and its perceived treatment of them.

Public Reputation & Image

The perception of being a reputable place to work is imperative and reputations can easily be tarnished. Outplacement helps promote the company’s image as a respectable corporate entity. Providing outplacement options demonstrates that the company values its human capital.


Corporate Security

Most employees have knowledge of proprietary information, customer data, and confidential information not covered in nondisclosure agreements. Having a focused outplacement options plan aids in reducing anger and hostility of laid-off employees, reducing the risk of ex-employees leaking sensitive information.

Productivity / Morale

Downsizing creates a disruption in business and production. Employees’ individual fears of termination will motivate them to communicate with the displaced co-workers to see how they are being treated. Providing outplacement options can diminish negative feedback from the former employees and provide reassurance to the remaining staff.


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